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The Lump

Cause life isn't surreal enough.


» Six Inch Mechanical Moose Rides Again!

That's right, we aren't dead, although the comic has been on hold for almost a month. We return this week with a thrilling narrative, to bring you up to date!

» Six Inch Mechanical Moose: 2010

Our technical problems are fixed, the comics are ready, and starting on the 4th, regular service will be resumed!

That's right, readers! We're BACK! Starting next Monday, Six Inch Mechanical Moose returns, with daily updates, because reality really ISN'T surreal enough.

» He's Baaaack!

You didn't think that we'd seen the last of Six Inch Mechanical Moose, now had you?

» And We're Live!

Welcome, everyone, to the inaugural comic of Six Inch Mechanical Moose: because life isn't surreal enough.

We're updated daily, so check back often!

Also, don't forget to give feedback generously! Every evening I rise from my grave to feed off your comments and ratings, sustaining my unholy existence with their sweet sweet taste! Mwahahahaha.


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